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What we do

treat yourself, your friends or your honey to a fun evening of pottery. 

learn to make a piece, choose your own glaze and pick it up when it's fired! 

learn to make a mug, planter, vase or ramen bowl! 


sign up for a consecutive 6 week class for more dedicated learning time! We offer handbuilding classes where you'll learn different techniques such as pinching, coil and slab building. You can develop your ideas with guidance and will learn how the process works from start to finish. 



about the artists


sisaret ceramics

sisaret ceramics are hand pinched and painted pieces made by kaisa lindfors. she aims to create hopeful, whimsical and intimate pieces 



monashee pottery

monashee pottery is a collection of colourful, hand thrown pottery made by Gabrielle Labbé. with a focus on colour palette and form, she creates functional and joyful pieces inspired by nature and her travels. 



jetfire ceramics

jetfire ceramics are handmade by Andrea Sweetnam. drawing on her experience as a pastry chef, Andrea creates simple, functional pieces that elevate the experience of eating and plating beautiful food. 


we are primarily a working studio and while we love to meet and host you, please be respectful of our hours or make an appointment prior to stopping by so that we have time to make things. thank you! 

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