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6-week classes

Learn to work with clay! Our consecutive 6 week handbuilding classes will teach you basic principles of clay using handbuilding techniques such as pinch, coil and slab.


We will learn how to build complex objects, how to glaze and how the firing process works. You'll be able to see your pieces through from start to finish! 


one night workshops

Our one-night workshops are a perfect time to get your hands dirty, spend your evening doing something creative while build something cool and useful! 

You'll learn to build an object such as a mug, planter, ramen bowl or vase. We'll fire it for you with your choice of glaze! 



private workshops

Reach out to book a private workshop!


Book in a private date, your group of friends or your staff party! Choose a workshop idea and come learn to make a piece. You'll be able to choose your glaze and we'll fire the pieces for you! 


We can have up to 8  people in the studio. 


kids workshops

Encourage your kids to get their hands dirty!


Much like our private or one night workshops, reach out to book a kids workshop. We can offer different workshops, including animals, cups or ornaments! 

We'll provide clay and fire up to 3 of their creations with their choice of glaze. 

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